Top Licensed Electricians In Maryland

Electrical Connections, LLC has an amazing licensed electrician team on call ready to meet all your electrical needs. Since 2003 we have been the most trusted electrician service provider and have served thousands of Maryland customers throughout Montgomery County. Our mission at Electrical Connections is to make sure our clients feel safe and comfortable in their homes when it comes to electrical safety. It is also important that we improve the lives of each of our team members.

We accomplish this by creating an environment where home electrical safety is our top priority. We provide our team members with an opportunity to grow, a chance to earn a good wage and the chance to learn trade skills that will always be sought after. This is an on-going process that we are dedicated to perfecting every day. Our main objective is to provide outstanding service that exceeds our client’s expectation while improving the professional, personal and financial lives of our team. Thank you for considering our company for your home electrical work and we look forward to earning your business and ultimately your trust!

Meet The Team

Bill Castillo

• Founder and Master Electrician
• From Nicaragua
• Married with two kids and 5 beautiful grandkids
• Loves playing the piano, reading the Bible, and spending time with his kids and grandkids.
• 35 years of experience and degree in chemical engineering

Guillermo C.

• Married with 2 kids
• Loves spending time with family, playing basketball, and serving at Church
• 9 years of experience and studied Business Administration and Finance

Maria C.

• From Nicaragua
• Married with two kids
• Likes reading, volunteering, and serving at church
• 20 years of financial experience and degree in business administration


• Service Manager
• From Texas
• Married with 2 kids
• Loves spending time with the family, reading the Bible, and watching football
• 19 years of experience


• Lead Customer Care Representative
• From Honduras
• Super hero enthusiast
• Loves spending time with niece and nephew
• 14 years of experience and studied Business Administration


  • Care Coordinator
  • God and family are my priority
  • Nature lover
  • I enjoy socializing with friends and serving in my community
  • Tea, a good book, & sunrises/sunsets are a must


• Electrical Safety Advisor
• From New Jersey
• Married with kids
• Loves to spend time with wife and kids
• Loves to watch football, cook, and work
• 15 years of electrical experience


• Electrical Safety Advisor
• From Baltimore
• Loves to spend time with his wife and 3 kids
• Loves to watch football, cook, and work
• Enjoys grilling and playing golf


• Electrical Safety Advisor
• Loves playing piano, drums, and guitar
• Likes hiking and camping
• 8 years of electrical experience

Josh T.

  • Electrical Safety Advisor
  • From Frederick
  • I am close with family
  • My hobbies are snowboarding and trying new things
  • I have 7 years of experience


• Electrical Safety Advisor
• From Gaithersburg, MD
• Likes technology, anime, and working out
• Loves to learn new things in and out of work
• 8 years of experience


• Electrical Safety Advisor
• From Manchester, MD
• Enjoys watching football and spending time with family and friends
• 4 years of electrical experience

Jose David

• Customer Care Representative
• From Nicaragua
• Married with a son
• Loves spending time with family and playing video games
-10 years of call center experience


• Customer Care Representative
• Mother of two beautiful boys
• Loves watching movies and binge watching my favorite TV shows
• Loves to help friends and family
• 5 years of call center experience


  • Customer Care Representative
  • Father of two
  • Loves spending time with his family and playing the guitar
  • 7 years of call center experience


  • Installer
  • Prom Takoma Park, MD
  • I have family here and in Puerto Rico and love going back to the PR
  • My hobbies are fishing, boxing, and spending time with my family


  • Apprentice
  • From Gaithersburg
  • Loves being healthy and nutrition
  • Lines sunny weather and working with hands
  • 1 year of experience


• Inspection Technician
• Family of 4 and 1 dog
• Loves helping people and making them laugh
• Love sports, acting, serving at church

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