Carbon Monoxide Detector Services in Gaithersburg

Want to make sure your home is prepared in case of a carbon monoxide leak? Electrical Connections LLC is here to help you keep your friends and family safe!

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be a serious threat to your health and safety. If undetected, carbon monoxide gas can kill an entire household in a matter of hours or even minutes. Because carbon monoxide lacks color, taste, and odor, it’s among the most dangerous home hazards. But carbon monoxide poisoning is completely preventable with a detector. Electrical Connections LLC is your expert team for carbon monoxide detector installation. We’re your local, trusted electricians who have been serving the Gaithersburg, MD area for 35 years.

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Where Does Carbon Monoxide Come From?

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that is best to be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, it’s also a common byproduct of many of our homes’ appliances and systems. Some of the most common systems in a home that can release carbon monoxide include:

  • A gas range
  • Gas laundry dryer
  • A gas furnace
  • Space heaters
  • Charcoal grills
  • Water heaters
  • Stoves
  • Gas or even wood fireplaces
  • Clogged chimneys or flues
  • Automobile exhaust

It's important to have carbon monoxide detectors installed correctly to prevent a tragedy from happening in your home. And contact the experts at Electrical Connections LLC to repair any smoke or carbon monoxide issues immediately.

Where to Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

When installing carbon monoxide detectors, it’s essential to know that carbon monoxide has the same density as air. This means it will distribute equally around a space or room. However, carbon monoxide is formed by a combustion process, which means the gas is often hotter than the surrounding air. As cold air sinks, the hotter gas will be forced toward the ceiling.

Ideally, a carbon monoxide detector should be fitted in every room that contains a fuel-burning appliance and for additional safety, fit one in each bedroom of your Gaithersburg, MD home.

When installing a carbon monoxide detector in single living spaces or in spaces like detached garages or outdoor workshops, the detector should be placed near any appliance that uses gas. Because you’ll likely be working on your car, having a CO detector can warn you when exhaust fumes are reaching dangerous levels. If there’s an appliance that’s producing carbon monoxide, have a detector nearby.

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Trust a Professional!

If you’ve decided you’d like professional installation of carbon monoxide detectors in your home, then contact Electrical Connections LLC today! We've been helping homeowners like you for 35 years. We offer on time appointments, straight-forward pricing, and always value your time. Whether you want a battery-powered CO detector, one that’s connected to your home’s wiring, or simply want to ensure your home is safe, our electricians are here to help!

Carbon monoxide detector installation is the best way to keep your Gaithersburg, MD home and friends and family safe from deadly carbon monoxide gas and poisoning. Call Electrical Connections LLC at 240-221-1553 to schedule your home’s installation today.