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Electricity is a staple in our daily lives, and when you’re having electrical problems in your home it can be extremely frustrating. The professionals at Electrical Connections LLC are here to answer your phone calls 24 hours a day six days a week. We work hard to ensure the safety of the residents of the Damascus, MD community. Not only that, but we want to keep you happy as well, that is why we offer a 5-year warranty on all labor and parts. Electrical issues can bring your whole life to a halt pretty quickly, and we are here to get you back up and running just as fast.

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Signs of Common Electrical Issues

Your electrical system goes unnoticed for the better part of the year. There isn’t much maintenance it requires. All you must do is have an electrician come out every year or so to give your home a safety inspection and check your breaker panel. That said, there are common issues that can occur throughout the year that weren’t apparent during your maintenance check.

When these issues occur, it’s a good idea to get them checked out as soon as possible to keep them from getting worse and becoming a safety hazard. Some common electrical issues include:

  • Hot ceiling fixtures: The fixtures installed in your home may get warm after prolonged use, but should never get hot.
  • Broken light switches and loose outlets: Although your loose outlet may still work, this is a sign of a common electrical issue.
  • Rodent droppings: This points to a possible wiring issue. These little guys could be chewing on your wiring, and this is something that taken care of before it becomes an emergency
  • Buzzing sounds: Buzzing sounds are more than annoying, they are also a safety concern and a cause for calling an electrician.

These are all signs you should have an electrician come by for an inspection and possible repairs. Your electrical system doesn’t require much care, but when something goes wrong it requires your undivided attention until the problem is eradicated.

Broken Light Switches and Outlets

Something you may think about even less than your breaker panel might be your light switches and outlets. However, these are the components we use the most within our homes’ electrical systems, but we rarely ever think of them as needing repairs. Light switches and outlets can break just like the rest of your electrical system, and when it’s time for you to repair your switches and outlets you may as well install the newest versions on the market!

Keep your home convenient and luxurious with these new switches and outlets:

  • Dimmers: Dimmer switches are great for controlling how much light is allowed in any given room.
  • Speed Control: Speed control fan switches are great for the ceiling fan. This switch makes it more convenient to turn the fan on separately from the light and it also allows you the convenience of choosing the appropriate speed.
  • USB Outlets: USB outlets make charging your electronic devices extremely easy because you can plug the cord directly into the wall without a charging block.
  • GFCI Outlets: These outlets have saved thousands of lives from house fires because they conveniently cut off the flow of power to the outlet when there is a surge in power.

Stay on top of your electrical system. Call and schedule your next whole house safety inspection today!

Electrical Panel Installation

If you have just purchased a home, chances are you have taken a look at the electrical panel. If the home you purchased is an older home, chances are you may need to upgrade your electrical panel. We demand more from our breaker panels in today’s world, and the older panels simply cannot handle the demand for power.

Luckily for you, installing a new breaker panel is an easy project and one we do every day. We have installed every manufacturer in the industry so you can trust that we will get the job done right. With a breaker panel upgrade you’ll enjoy improved performance, fewer repairs, and the ability to add new appliances and outlets as needed.

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