Why It’s Wrong to Assume an Electrician Nearby Is the Best Electrician to Hire

A Nearby Electrician Isn’t Always the Best Bet

What’s convenient is not always best. While a fast food restaurant may offer quick food at cheap prices, that same food can easily hurt your health if consumed often. Dealing with electrical issues in your home can be stressful and dangerous. But working with an electrician only because he’s close to home, might not get you the best results.

Without the proper qualifications, they can damage your system, put your family at risk, and require you to find another electrician later on to fix the low-quality repairs. So how do you find the right “electrician near me?” When searching for an electrician online, there are a few red flags to pay attention to if you don’t want to end up with an electrical fire.

Red Flag #1: If They’re Not Safety Equipped

Safety is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to electrical work in a house. Electricity is pretty powerful stuff. That’s how Flash got his unbelievable speed! But when people get electrocuted, they typically aren’t as lucky as Barry Allen.

They can end up with serious injuries, burns, vision and hearing impairment, seizures, and more. Therefore, the homeowner must protect themselves from liability for any injuries by paying attention to whether an electrician is using safety equipment.

If they are working without any safety gear, this is a big red flag. Electrical safety gear can include safety glasses, hard hats, steel-toe/safety boots, insulated gloves with rubber protectors, and flame-resistant clothing. If the electrician is not using any of this safety gear, stop them immediately, and hire someone else.

Red Flag #2: If They Show Poor Customer Service

Customer service is all the talk these days and for good reason, especially for home repair work. When an electrician comes into the home, they need to show respect, acknowledge the fact that the homeowner is in charge, and treat that home like their own. That means they show up on time, use appropriate language around the homeowner, wear boot coverings indoors so mud doesn’t get tracked all over the floors, and they clean up afterward.

The level of customer service that an electrician shows reflects a lot about the company. When looking through an electrical company’s website, make sure that they talk about customer service, and then read through some customer testimonials to make sure that what they say about themselves is actually true.

Red Flag #3: If They Constantly Reschedule

Piggybacking off of the importance of customer service is another red flag: when the electrical company constantly reschedules. Electricians need to be respectful of the homeowner’s time. That homeowner might have had to get PTO for that day just so they could be home when the electrician comes.

If the electrician reschedules, it’s a huge inconvenience for the homeowner because then they’d have to cancel that day, find another day, get it approved, etc. before they can be home again. Any company that does this is surely a company to stay away from.

By keeping these red flags in mind, you can easily find that perfect electrician. Not only will it help fix your problems, but also you’ll get the peace of mind you deserve in your home.

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