The Latest Halloween Lighting Trends vs. Electrical Outlets

Halloween Trees and Twinkling Lights: The Newest Trends

Yes, Halloween trees are indeed a growing trend! As the name suggests, Halloween trees are similar to Christmas trees, except the decorations tend to be a little on the spooky side. From skull, ghost, goblin, and witch ornaments to witch hat tree toppers, no Halloween tree is complete without twinkling lights. 

Of course, this can severely strain a home’s electrical supply, especially if the home is older. With the right electrician, a home can easily boast the most fabulous, spooky, and whimsical Halloween tree on the street, delighting trick-or-treaters and parents alike, without blowing a fuse or causing a short circuit. 

Don’t Go Dark: Knowing When Outlets Need Replacement

There is no definitive lifespan of an electrical outlet. There are many different kinds of outlets, and estimates range anywhere from five to fifteen years. Old outlets and damaged wiring are downright dangerous, posing a fire risk. There is also an increased risk of electrical arcs with old outlets. Ungrounded outlets are dangerous, and upgrading them as soon as possible is something a homeowner should seriously consider. 

If frequently blown fuses and short circuits are regular occurrences, it indicates that the home’s electrical wiring, including its outlets, cannot handle the demand. It is essential to have a licensed electrician replace any damaged or outdated outlets so that the job is done safely, securely, and meets all requisite codes and requirements.

GFCI and AFCI Outlets

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Receptacle) and AFCI (Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter Receptacle) outlets provide homeowners with protection against certain types of electrical hazards. Primarily, GFCIs protect people from shock and electrocution, while AFCIs offer protection against fires. For this reason, there are dual GFCI/AFCI circuit breakers and receptacles, to give homeowners optimal protection. 

Why Hire a Professional This Halloween?

While it is always fun and challenging to undertake a new DIY project upgrading a house, it is of the utmost importance to hire a professional electrician for any electrical work, including outlet replacement. Electricians require a lot of training, knowledge, expertise, and on-the-job experience before becoming licensed, and with good reason. Doing electrical work can be complicated and dangerous, and it is easy to make a mistake with severe consequences. 

Further, while a DIY outlet installation job may ostensibly be successful, there is a chance that problems will develop in the future if something was done incorrectly. This can cause severe damage to the home’s wiring, an arc, a fire, or an injurious shock. In the long run, DIY electrical work risks do not outweigh the rewards – call a professional electrician to have the job done right the first time.

About Electrical Connections LLC

Electrical Connections LLC are expert electricians who can meet all its customers’ outlet service and replacement-related needs. Safety and services are the company’s top priorities, with the highest quality of workmanship put into each job. Contact them today for expert outlet services in Gaithersburg, MD. 

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