Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Lighting Automation!

Automation has become a hot topic these days. With the advent of “smart” devices like Alexa, Google Home, and other hub-based systems, you can automate nearly everything in your house. Want a refrigerator that tells you when you’re running low on milk and automatically adds it to a grocery list? Done. A coffee maker that turns on every morning just when you wake up? No problem. Lights that come on during the evening, randomize when you’re away on vacation, and turn off at night when you go to bed? Yep, that’s available, too.

Automation not only makes life more convenient, but it also provides an added layer of safety and protection. You’ll no longer have to worry about leaving the coffee maker on all day, a move that could potentially burn the house down. And you’ll never have to worry about coming home after work to a dark home or yard with automated lighting.

In this article, you’ll learn how automated lights work, what benefits you can take advantage of, and the general upkeep you can expect to encounter.

What Automated Light Options Are There?

Automated lights are used in a variety of situations within the home setting. They can be programmed to turn on, off, dim, or grow brighter depending on the place, time of day, and desired effect in your home. It’s no mystery that in the early morning and mid-day, you need less artificial light in your home. Some homes have large windows and need very little artificial light for much of the day. For these homes, automated lights make a lot of sense. If you want to save money by lowering the output of your lighting, then automated lights are what you want to install.

When an electrician installs automated lights, they will utilize a combination of special lightbulbs, switches, and a smart home hub that controls the entire system. An electrician can easily set up automated lighting anywhere from your patio or a single room to your entire house. With the right bulbs, switches, and main controlling hub, you’ll be set up in no time.

Automation Benefits for Homeowners

The reasons why people install automated lights are many, and they vary depending on the location and type of home. One of the most popular reasons is safety. If you live alone or have small children, you’ll want to avoid coming home to a completely dark home. There’s no need to risk tripping and falling, hurting yourself, or being surprised by someone you weren’t expecting when you could have automated lighting keep your home and your porch lit up instead.

Another reason people install automated lighting is for cost savings. By having lights turn on only when you need them and automatically turn off when you don’t, you’ll be able to save money on electric bills. Finally, making your home “smart” will increase the asking price for your home if you ever need to list it.

Electrical Maintainance for Automation 

Maintenance for an automated lighting system is fairly straightforward and uncomplicated. Similar to any electrical maintenance work, an electrician should be called in if you notice any unusual dimming or lighting that isn’t working. There are still plenty of wires connecting your bulbs and lighting features and things can happen to those wires due to wear and tear over time. An electrician will be able to locate and diagnose the problem, then safely fix it to get your system back up and working.

Honest, Trustworthy Electricians

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