Four Signs of an Electrical Emergency

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No one in Montgomery County wants to deal with an electrical emergency, but there’s always a chance that something could happen. Luckily, you can contact the emergency electricians at Electrical Connections LLC if you’re concerned about a dangerous electrical problem at your home. Keep an eye out for these four common signs of an electrical emergency, and contact us today for a safe and lasting solution.

Burning Odors

You might notice burning smells around your home. This burning usually smells like plastic, and could be an indication that the wiring in your walls is being overworked. This is a serious electrical issue that can lead to a fire in your home, so you should contact one of our emergency electricians if you notice it.

Hot Service Panel

Your electrical panel can become hot due to loose connections or wiring not linking well. A hot panel can break down and keep your property from receiving the energy it needs. We can review your panel and fix this problem before it can become worse.

Carbon Monoxide

The devices in your home that burn fuels can produce carbon monoxide. Improper wiring can also lead to excess amounts of carbon monoxide. Excess CO can be deadly, and without a properly functioning CO detector, you might not even notice it. Be sure you have enough CO detectors around your home and check their batteries regularly. Don’t rule out an electrical emergency if your CO detectors are triggered.

Power Outages

All homes can experience random power outages due to local electrical grid issues,  but  some of these outages don’t come from outside sources. If your home is the only one on the block experiencing regular power outages, it’s not only inconvenient — it could lead to a dangerous electrical emergency. If you’re experiencing power outages in your home, contact our emergency electricians for a proper diagnosis and a solution. 

Electrical emergencies can be scary, but you can help prevent them by keeping an eye out for these four signs. If you notice any of these signs, contact Electrical Connections LLC in Montgomery County. Our emergency electricians can resolve your issues quickly, so you can go back to feeling safe in your home.

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