Whole House Surge Protection Services in Gaithersburg

Are you protected in case of a power surge? Contact Electrical Connections LLC to discuss a whole house surge protector for your home!

Though most homeowners don’t think about their home being struck by lightning or having to deal with a massive power surge at a city level, it is something that does happen. Unfortunately,  power surges can cause a lot of damage in your Gaithersburg, MD home, but the good news is at Electrical Connections LLC we offer solutions to the dreaded power surge. A whole-house surge protector works as a fail-safe for your home’s electrical system. It will help protect your electronics and appliances and save you money.

Worried about the safety of your home’s electrical system? We also offer whole-house safety inspections!

The Impact of a Power Surge

Power surges, when large enough, can cause extensive damage not only to your home’s electrical system but also to many aspects of your home you might not expect. Some of the impacts a power surge can have on your home include:

  • Fire Hazards – Power surges create fire hazards. This is because they can impact the wiring in your home, which can lead to potential fire risks like sparking and other issues.
  • Lights – Most home lighting is wired directly to the home’s electrical panel. So a surge can damage the lighting fixtures of your residence, both indoors and outdoors. The bulb may shatter and the fixture itself could be damaged.
  • Electronics – Most modern homes have some sort of electronics in them, from entertainment systems to laptops, and even phones. When a power surge strikes, they’re often one of the first things that are damaged, often beyond repair. If your desktop, laptop, or even phones and tablets are plugged into an outlet they will likely be damaged or destroyed outright.
  • Appliances – Most appliances in modern homes are now tied into a home’s electrical grid. Pretty much anything that is plugged in at the time of a power surge can be impacted and damaged, often requiring a full replacement.

How a Whole House Surge Protector Works

A whole-home surge protector handles, well, your entire residence. It’s installed directly on your electrical panel, and when a power surge happens, it shuts off all breakers.

This stops any excess electricity from the power surge from reaching your outlets. So, anything plugged into them like your appliances and electronics. It also protects your home’s wiring and limits fire risks, keeping your home safe.

Whole house surge protectors are relatively simple to install, and our Gaithersburg, MD experts would be happy to help! You won’t have to worry about a power surge impacting your home again.

Dealing with damaged wiring or outlets in your home? We offer full outlet repairs and replacements to help get you the power you need!

Why Work With a Professional?

When you’re looking for a company to protect your home, you want one that you can count on. At Electrical Connections LLC, we offer straightforward pricing and value your time. Not only can we help you prevent the dangers of electrical surges, but also we’re there to help after the problem has already had an impact on your home. Our electricians offer 24/6 emergency services and we’ll fix it right, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Want to protect your Gaithersburg, MD home from a power surge? Call us at 240-221-1553 to learn how a whole-home surge protector can keep your home safe.