Electric Vehicle Charging Made Easy

The majority of electric vehicle (EV) owners need regular access to charging stations — and what better location to charge your EV than in your very own home? Installing your own EV charging station makes owning and charging your vehicle more convenient than you thought possible. Electrical Connections can install a home EV charging station that is right for you, letting you wake up to a freshly charged battery every morning.

Discover Cost-Efficiency in EV Charging

When you use public EV charging stations, you are required to buy that power from a third party every single time you need it. Why not cut out the middleman and recoup some of those costs by installing your own charging station? Although you may see a rise in your monthly electric bill, you’ll be saving money overall by eliminating those trips to public charging stations. Depending on the efficiency of the charging station you install (Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3) any added expenses will more than pay for themselves over time as you no longer have to throw money away to a third-party company.

Experience a New Level of Convenience

While electric vehicle manufacturers are continuing to develop faster-charging and longer-range vehicles, current models take between four to six hours to charge fully from an empty state when using a Level 2 charger. Let’s say you’re planning an out-of-town excursion, but your EV is low on it’s charge and you don’t have a home charging station. Your only option, in this case, is to park your EV at a public station to charge for hours. That can put a damper on things, right? That scenario looks a lot simpler when you have your own residential EV charger — you simply plug in your vehicle in the evening and go to sleep, waking up to a fully charged battery.

Stay Safe While Charging Your Electric Vehicle

When you leave your electric vehicle to charge in a public charging station, you’re putting your vehicle in a risky situation comparable to leaving it parked on a public street for hours at a time. Public spaces leave your unattended vehicle vulnerable to vandalism, theft, or storm damage. Given the option, wouldn’t you rather practically eliminate all of these risks by charging your EV in the privacy and security of your own home? As long as your charging station is professionally installed by certified electricians like Electrical Connections, charging your EV at home is perfectly safe.

Charge Your Preferred Make of Electric Vehicle

Home EV charging stations allow you to charge all of the top electric vehicle makes and models, including the Volvo XC40 P8, Audi e-tron, Porsche Taycan, and many more. Electrical Connections can help you determine which level of EV charger is right for your home — typically a Level 1 or Level 2 model. Whatever is right for your lifestyle and budget, Electrical Connections can help make it happen by ensuring a successful EV charger installation that fits your home.

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