TV Wall Mounting Services in Gaithersburg

Have a brand new flat-screen TV but are worried about mounting it on the wall? Electrical Connections LLC is here to help you with all your TV wall mounting needs.

A flat-screen TV can make you the envy of all your friends and neighbors, but mounting it on the wall is another story altogether. But without wall mounting, you could be burdened with messy wires and forced to buy bulky entertainment systems. At Electrical Connections LLC we’re your go-to experts for TV wall mounting in your Gaithersburg, MD home. We’ll help you get your TV up and ready to view in no time!

Worried the lighting in your entertaining space may interfere with your new TV? We offer indoor lighting installation options as well, to make your room the best place to relax.

Why Mount Your TV on the Wall?

A television mount provides the ideal way to install your TV on your wall. It will allow you to enjoy watching your favorite shows at the perfect viewing angle. It will also give your space a more modern aesthetic. It can also increase the safety of your room, too. Installing your TV on a wall-mounted bracket keeps it out of the path of kids and pets so you never have to worry about cords getting in the way or the TV toppling over.

Finally, wall mounting your TV can free up floor space you might have reserved for a TV stand. You can ditch your old entertainment system and use the space in another manner. An experienced pro will have the know-how and equipment to install your television mount quickly and properly so you can be ready for movie night or the big game.

The TV Mounting Process

Using the right equipment when mounting your TV can make all the difference in the world. The wrong equipment makes your wall-mounted TV look odd or out of place, and may also increase dangers such as the TV falling from the wall. Some other things to consider during a TV mounting project include:

  • Location: In order for that perfect mountain, location is everything. Not only do you want your TV centered, but also you want to ensure it isn’t getting hit from outside glare or running into other wiring behind the wall. Our electricians always find the optimal mountain location for performance and safety.
  • Wiring: No one wants to see a jumble of wiring running behind your television and wall. With a professional TV mounting service, you can expect our electricians to hide wiring either behind drywall or with specially designed covers that offer a seamless look.
  • Support: Using UL listed brackets is one of the best ways to keep your TV in place. They’re sized according to your TV weight and size. Then the proper bolts and fasteners will keep your TV safely secured.
  • Lighting: Once your television is in place, we also offer lighting options to help create that ideal ambiance. Whether it’s lighting behind the television or sconce lighting at the side, our electricians can help you create a stylish viewing experience.

After spending money on an all-new television, why ruin the experience with faulty installation. With the right wall mounting kit for your new flat-screen, you can enjoy the perfect viewing angle without damaging drywall or worrying about your TV falling off. At Electrical Connections LLC, we are your Gaithersburg, MD electrical experts!

An unexpected power surge can not only interrupt your electric system, but it can also destroy your electronics. We offer whole-home surge protector installation to keep your electronics safe.

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Wall-mounted flat-screen TVs are the best way to keep your Gaithersburg, MD home looking modern and serving your entertainment needs. Call Electrical Connections at 240-221-1553 to schedule your installation today.