Wiring Repair & Replacement Services in Gaithersburg

If you’re facing a problem with your home’s electrical system and want to keep electrical disruptions to a minimum, then Electrical Connections LLC is the company you can count on!

Maintaining a healthy wiring system is what keeps your home’s electrical system working at its best. If you face problems with your wiring, you risk complicated repairs and even increased fire hazards. And because you’re dealing with electricity, these repairs can be hazardous to your health! Hold on to your personal and electrical health by handing your wiring issues over to Electrical Connections LLC. We’ve been providing wiring repairs and replacement to your neighbors in Gaithersburg, MD for 35 years.

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Signs of an Electrical Wiring Emergency

As a homeowner, you might get swept up in life and not be aware of electrical problems in your home until they reach a critical point. This can cause repairs to cost even more and may also increase the risk of dangerous shocks or even house fires. Luckily, there are a few signs to look for where you might need a professional electrician:

  • A humming or buzzing sound coming from your walls or panel
  • An electrical burning smell
  • Circuits that trip frequently
  • An outlet or switch that delivers electrical shocks

If you notice any of these symptoms in your home, it’s time to bring in the pros. We’ll listen and diagnose the problems you’re experiencing and find you the most practical options for repair or replacement while offering straightforward pricing.

Benefits of Wiring Replacement for Older Homes

Back in the day, aluminum wiring was easy to obtain for electricians performing installations in new homes. It was affordable and cheap, which is why so many electricians used it. Over time, though, copper wiring has become the new go-to material for electrical wiring, for a variety of reasons, the number one being safety.

Aluminum wiring may be cheaper but it has a tendency to overheat. And overheated home electrical wiring has been the cause of numerous house fires. This is why it can be a good idea to have your home’s electrical wiring updated and replaced. With a wiring upgrade, you’ll enjoy plenty of perks, including:

  • Added Safety: Old wiring is one of the most common causes of electrical fires. With upgraded wiring in your home, you’ll add a sense of safety, while also keeping things like outlets better protected for your family.
  • Improved Performance: When wiring is damaged, it can affect the performance of your outlets and appliances. With new wiring in place, you’ll always have access to a consistent flow of electricity where you need it most.
  • Appliance Protection: Even a small surge can damage your smartphone or tablet. By replacing old wiring, you’ll ensure that your appliances and electronics are always protected.
  • Property Value: All homeowners want to add value to their homes. That’s why a wiring upgrade can be a great perk to a possible unexpected repair issue.

If you need assistance in running new copper wiring through your walls, we’re the Gaithersburg, MD electricians to get the job done correctly! We’ll make sure your wiring keeps you safe and provides everyone in your house with ample power, all while valuing your time and respecting your home.

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Trust an Expert!

Whether you’re dealing with an emergency power loss situation, looking to upgrade your home’s old aluminum wiring, or simply need some help with replacing outlets, you can count on our staff for help. At Electrical Connections LLC, we’re available 24/6 and offer reliable electrical services, and have been for 35 years.

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