Pool Grounding Inspection in Gaithersburg

Ready to use your pool for the summer? Enjoy it safely - call for pool grounding inspection!

Summer is a time to enjoy soaking up the sun in your swimming pool. But before you enjoy your pool, it’s important to make sure that it is set up with the proper electrical bonding that meets certain codes and standards. Not doing so can put you and your loved ones at risk of serious harm, and even death, from electrocution. So be smart, and get your pool inspected by a licensed electrician before you dive into your pool this summer! Gaithersburg, MD’s trusted licensed electricians at Electrical Connections LLC provide expert pool inspection as well as pool grounding and bonding services. Give us a call to see if you’re due for an inspection to make sure you and your loved ones are kept safe while enjoying your pool this summer.

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Why Is Swimming Pool Bonding Important?

The point of swimming pool bonding is to make sure your electrical equipment, including your pool lights, pool pump, and anything else that uses electricity is bonded to keep electricity out of the water and prevent electrical shock.

If you replace a heat pump in the pool or put in a salt chlorinator, the bonding wire needs to be reattached to the pump. It is important to not DIY this because if it is done incorrectly, it can cause electrical shock and even death.

Any time that bonding wire is coming out of the ground it should be secured and anchored to protect it so the bond isn’t broken or the wire doesn’t get accidentally cut. It is crucial to work with a licensed electrician when performing swimming pool bonding to ensure this work is done properly.

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Pool Grounding Inspection

Swimming pools and hot tubs all require proper grounding and GFCI protection. Not having this grounding in place means your electrical system isn’t up to code and can lead to electrocution. Pools should be checked regularly by a licensed electrician to ensure the wiring is up to code and properly grounded to prevent accidents.

Salt chlorinators, heat pumps, pool lights, and any other pool equipment connected to the water recirculating system needs to be on a GFCI protection device. If during the inspection, any equipment is not GFCI protected or any metal parts are not bonded, it is unsafe and must be properly bonded and grounded prior to using the pool.

Does the summer heat have you ready to take a dip in your backyard pool? Before you jump in, make sure it’s safe to use! Call Electrical Connections LLC today at 240-221-1553 to schedule your pool inspection or pool grounding and bonding in Gaithersburg, MD.