Electrical Panel Services in Gaithersburg

Breaker panel repairs and tune-ups can be dangerous and should always be left to a certified expert. Electrical Connections LLC is the local electrical service company you can count on!

Electrical panels are something that almost every Gaithersburg, MD residence has installed. These gray, metal boxes are equipped with a bunch of switches or fuses inside. This panel is the epicenter of your home’s electrical system and it distributes electricity throughout your house. When there is a problem with your home’s electrical panel, it can cause costly damage to your residence, while also increasing the risk of fire. Working with a trusted electrician will give you peace of mind. At Electrical Connections LLC we are here to help!

Outside of the breaker panel, old wiring could be the cause of your electrical issues. We offer expert wiring repair services to help get your home up to code in no time!

Signs Your Electrical Panel is Damaged

Your home’s electrical panel, also sometimes called a breaker box, is connected to the main power line that runs into your home and then runs throughout your electrical wiring to power devices like lighting fixtures and outlets.

Like anything else, your electrical panel can need repair or replacement. However, it’s important to work with an experienced electrician to protect your home due to the risk of shock and fire. Some common signs of electrical panel trouble can include:

  • Flickering lights
  • A burning smell
  • The breakers constantly trip
  • Increased energy costs
  • A panel that is warm or even hot to the touch
  • Burn marks in or around the panel
  • Certain areas of your home don’t get power

Sometimes these problems can be easily repaired, but occasionally the whole panel may need to be replaced. While this can be a big job, upgrading to a stronger amp level can help reduce energy costs in your home. A new panel can also come with fireguard protections which can reduce the risk of electrical fires up to 90%!

How Do Fuses and Breakers Work?

Breakers and fuses are used for the same purpose and do the same job but there are differences between them. A fuse has a small piece of metal inside which breaks when overheated. A breaker is a switch that will pop to the off position when overheated. When a fuse is blown, you need to replace it. When a breaker is blown, you just need to flip a switch.

Breakers and fuses keep track of how your electrical system is working in each part of your home. When there is a power surge to a specific part of the house or if a particular outlet is overloaded, the fuse or breaker will blow.

This will cut the power to the parts of the Gaithersburg, MD home that are connected to that specific breaker or fuse. This is a safety measure to keep your electrical system safe from overvoltage. Replace your fuses as needed and your breakers every two years or so to keep them in top working order and your electrical panel will stay in good working order for years to come.

Worried about a power surge affecting your house? Call us today to ask about a whole home surge protector!

Trust a Pro!

At Electrical Connections LLC we are your reliable electrical service company. Owning a home has many stresses, and when it comes to potential risks, few have the same impact as your electrical system. Whether it’s an outlet that continually overheats or a panel that needs to be upgraded to support a new home addition, we’re your experts, having served the area for 35 years.

Looking for a reliable Gaithersburg, MD electrician? Call Electrical Connections LLC at 240-221-1553. We can help you with electrical repairs, lighting installations, and even hot tub wiring!