Outlet and Switch Repair Services in Gaithersburg

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Electricity is an important aspect of our day-to-day lives. From running the convenience of our electronics to keeping us comfortable and safe all year round, electricity is also dangerous for the average homeowner in Gaithersburg, MD to deal with on their own. Even your home’s outlets and switches can sometimes cause problems and need assistance. This is why it’s important to have a trusted electrician in your area. At Electrical Connections LLC, we’re your local experts. You can count on our pros to keep your home protected and powered.

Outlet repair issues can often be traced to faulty wiring. Be sure to ask about our wiring replacement services and get your home upgraded today!

Signs You Need Outlet Repairs

Most homeowners don’t realize that their electrical outlets can also need to be repaired or occasionally replaced. They can face breakdowns and hazards like many other aspects of your home’s electrical systems. Some common signs your electrical outlets  may need to be repaired can include:

  • No power to your outlet
  • An outlet that’s sparking
  • An outlet that’s glowing
  • An outlet that’s hot to the touch

If you’re facing any of these problems in your Gaithersburg, MD home, it’s important to call an expert as soon as you can. While a loss of power to an outlet or switch may be an irritation, sparking or hot outlets can actually be dangerous and lead to electric shocks or even a house fire. So don’t wait around for the problem to go away on its own.

Choosing Your New Electrical Outlets

While an outlet replacement can seem like a complicated job, there are some great new outlet options that can make your home even more comfortable, safe, and convenient. These new outlet options include:

  • USB – Most electronics are charged via USB so it’s becoming more popular to have USB outlets installed with your normal outlets. Instead of having to find the charging block, you can easily connect the cable directly to your outlet, giving you more flexibility and facility in your home.
  • GFCI - Outlets protect your electronics from power surges. Generally found in bathrooms or near areas with water, a GFCI outlet will turn off power in the event of a fault. This helps protect you, your electronics, and your appliances from potentially hazardous electricity.
  • AFCI - Outlet is great for protecting your electrical devices from electrical arcs. Ideal for older homes, where wiring may be outdated, and AFCI will reduce the risk of fires caused by arcing electricity.

The outlets found throughout your home are your direct connection to your home’s power grid. Because of this, any damage can put your home at risk, while also preventing you from using your much-needed appliances and electronics. Opting for an outlet replacement will not only improve functionality but also improve performance in your Gaithersburg, MD home.

Worried that other areas of your home may be outdated? Be sure to ask about our whole-home safety inspection, and get your property up to code before it’s too late!

Trusted Outlet Experts

At Electrical Connections LLC, we are your local electrical service company. Owning a home can have a lot of complex upkeep, including your outlets and switches, and when it comes to potential risks your electrical system is one of the biggest. Whether you’re looking for a quick outlet repair or replacement, our electricians can help.

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