Electric Vehicle Charging Services in Gaithersburg

Interested in purchasing an electric car, but worried about where you will charge it? Electrical Connections LLC is here to help you keep your car charged and ready to go!

Owning an electric car can be a great idea for many homeowners. Not only will you save costs from rising gasoline prices, but you’re also doing a lot to minimize your carbon footprint and protect the environment. But it can be hard to find places in public to charge your car. Having the option of charging your electric car at home is crucial to ensuring that you’re fueled up and ready to go whenever you need it. At Electrical Connections LLC we’re your go-to experts for installing an electric vehicle charging station in your Gaithersburg, MD home.

Worried your home’s electrical system might be up to the task? We offer electrical panel repairs and upgrades to make sure your house is providing the right level of amps for your needs.

What Does a Home Charging Station Do?

A home charging station (also known as "electric vehicle supply equipment" or EVSE) works with your car’s onboard charging system to convert the power your home supplies into a direct current that is used to store energy by the battery in your car.

If you only need to charge your car overnight, you have a plug-in hybrid with limited electric range, or you don’t drive long distances between charges, you probably do not need a very fast charger. Quick charging may only be something you need for longer trips.

Most plug-in hybrid vehicles have limited electric range, meaning they can charge completely using the included Level 1 charger plugged into a standard household outlet. This can make electric vehicles a great choice for many people. But there are other charger options as well, and some vehicles may need them, too.

Charging Station Options

When it comes to home electric vehicle charging station installations, there are actually three different levels:

  • Level One: This is your standard 120-volt charger that’s compatible with most home outlets. The good news is installation is super easy and it’s compatible with almost all-electric vehicle makes and models. But the downfall is it can take much longer to charge your vehicle, sometimes as long as 30 hours!
  • Level Two: This charger is double the voltage of a level one, at 240 volts. This is the type of outlet you would use for your laundry hookups or perhaps a hot tub connection. This will make the charging time much faster for your vehicle, which is great! But because this hookup will pull more electrical power from your panel, you may need additional changes to your panel and so you should speak to your trusted electrician.
  • Level Three: These are fast-charging stations, and you typically find them in commercial or industrial settings. This is because they can require specialized and powerful equipment to install, and they tend to be very expensive. This means that level threes are often not even available for home installation.

Understanding your vehicle and home’s needs along with your driving patterns will help you know the best option for an electric vehicle charging station addition to your residence.

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