What Causes Electrical Fires?

Here’s What You Should Know

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Electrical fires are one of the leading causes of fire damage in homes across the nation. These types of fires are often preventable, and you can protect your family with the team at Electrical Connections LLC. Learn more about electrical fires here and contact our team to get the protection you need.

What Causes An Electrical Fire?

Electrical fires can be caused by a wide range of items — all it takes is too much heat or an errant spark to get the fire started. Some of the leading factors to electrical fires include:

  • Outdated or worn-out wiring. This is especially common in homes 20+ years old.
  • Faulty outlets. Ungrounded outlets are more likely to spark, creating fires.
  • Circuit overloads. If too much power is plugged into a single outlet, it can overload the circuit and cause issues.
  • Old appliances. Old appliances are not up to modern safety standards and are more likely to cause electrical fires.
  • Light bulbs. Incompatible light bulbs or poorly insulated fixtures can increase fire risks.
  • Portable heaters. While space heaters may be nice, they have a reputation for starting fires.

How To Prevent An Electrical Fire

To avoid electrical fires from the sources above and more, you should always make sure that your home’s electrical system is up to code. By getting an electrical inspection regularly, you can get preventative care and repairs before the damage becomes serious. It is also important to have a fire extinguisher at hand should the situation arise when you need it. Having smoke detectors is also imperative for your home and can warn you of danger before it gets too serious.

Warning Signs

Always look out for warning signs to help you avoid damage before a fire starts. If you notice electronics with frayed, broken, or crimped wires, stop using them immediately until the wires are fixed or the item is replaced. Also be on the lookout for when too much is plugged into an outlet. If you notice this, relocate some of the items whenever possible.

Call The Pros Before Disaster Strikes

Before you run into serious circumstances caused by electrical fires, get help from the team at Electrical Connections LLC. Our team will inspect your home for warning signs and upgrade your wiring where necessary. We can also give you customized advice to keep your home safe. Contact us to learn more!

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