Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

How To Know It’s Time To Upgrade the Electrical Panel

At its core, a home’s electrical system functionality is pretty cut and dry. That said, the wiring of the electrical system is far from simple. It takes a licensed and experienced professional to install a whole-home wiring system properly, and all those wires receive their power from the same place, the electrical panel. The electrical panel receives electricity from the company’s main power lines and sends it throughout the home. 

Electrical panels last a long time, but homeowners might start to notice a few telltale signs when it’s time to upgrade. 

There are Signs of Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring is far too common, and it can become dangerous for homeowners. 

There are a few different reasons a home could experience faulty wiring, including:

  • Worker Error: The electrician who installed the wiring made a mistake or didn’t have the skill to install the wiring properly. 
  • Age: As wiring gets older, it’s more likely to experience problems based solely on deterioration.
  • Power Overload: This is common for those that recently got a few new appliances in their home. There will be more information on this below. 

Faulty wiring can become extremely dangerous rather quickly, so it is crucial to find an experienced professional when homeowners notice signs of faulty wiring. 

Common signs:

  • The wall behind the electrical panel is hot
  • Burning smell
  • Smoke
  • A black mark on the wall
  • Inconsistencies in power 

Installing New Appliances

In a world that gets progressively more electronic and appliance-friendly, the modern home continues to increase its number of appliances each year. This growing number causes electrical panels to become overloaded and cause problems. 

For homeowners with new appliances installed, it’s important to contact a professional electrician for advice on what electrical panel would be best for the number of appliances they have in the home. Installation can also be dangerous to do without training.

Investing in a new electrical panel might not seem ideal initially, but it will be worth it. A home with an electrical panel that can’t support the family’s power needs is a home that is at risk for an electrical fire. That is why it is so important to contact a professional before deciding to invest in new appliances. 

They Want To Add Circuit Breakers

When a homeowner wants to add circuit breakers to the electrical panel, this also poses a threat for overloading the breaker box. Adding circuit breakers to the home’s electrical panel requires added electrical power to support the extra breaker. 

Homeowners might think they have enough power to support an extra circuit breaker, but it is always better to be safe with electrical work than sorry. An electrician will inspect the home’s power supply before installation and tell whether they need to upgrade the electrical panel. 

Most of the new electrical panels on the market today are more energy-efficient than in years’ past.

Electrical Connections LLC Is There For Customers

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