Get Your Detached Garage Updated for the New Year

Update Any Detached Garage With These 3 Tips

Garages, whether attached or detached, tend to get ignored until something terrible happens. The last thing any homeowner wants is to have a dangerous electrical issue in their garage- especially one that could cost thousands of dollars to remedy! This is why it’s essential to update the electrical and make sure everything is secure, safe, and able to meet electrical needs. There are three great ways homeowners can update a detached garage. Read on to discover how. 

New GFCI Outlets

GFCI outlets, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets, are widely used to prevent electrocutions. They act as a kind of failsafe in case electricity escapes the confines of the home or building’s electrical system. They’re actually required by law in new buildings, especially in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and garages. This is because a ground fault is more likely to occur in areas where water is present or could potentially be present. 

New GFCI outlets not only give homeowners peace of mind that their garage is safe, but it also allows them to ensure their electrical system is working properly. Homeowners with a DIY mentality and a basic understanding of their electrical system can even install these outlets without professional help. 

Check Wiring and Circuit Breakers

To properly update a detached garage, it’s key to check wiring and circuit breakers. This is especially important for those homeowners who are planning to add any new appliances, power tools, or other electrical devices to the garage. Those new toys received during the holidays have to live somewhere, and the detached garage is often the best place. But that means ensuring the system is up for it. 

Homeowners can check the circuit breakers themselves if they feel comfortable, but it’s best to call an electrician to get it done quickly and safely. Professional electricians can make sure that the detached garage’s electrical system is ready for any new appliances. This will keep the risk of electrical problems down. Things like dimming lights, tripping breakers, frayed wires, and strange smells from the breaker box suggest that wiring is faulty or worn. 

Electric Car Charger

Electric cars are no longer things of science fiction. Predictions say that by 2040 all the cars on the road will have electric capabilities. So there’s no better time for homeowners to install electric car chargers in their homes. Some homeowners will find this easier than others, depending on their current electrical system and service. 

For older garages, the service may need to be upgraded to handle the power the car charger will use. Other homeowners will find that installing an electric car charger is much easier. It often only requires installing a new circuit breaker instead of upgrading the entire panel. Keep in mind that there are some options when installing the car charger. Talking to a professional electrician can give homeowners options, even if they think they aren’t equipped to install an electric car charger in their detached garage inexpensively. 

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